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Wonder Walks: Animal Signs and Flowing Water

This walk is in my woods beside Bresee Pond. There was a noisy pair of Canada geese on the pond, but otherwise I didn’t see or hear animals. It was a perfect time for being a wildlife detective - to look for the stories that were left behind. Watch the video:

Some words and science ideas to think about:

predator -- gravity (it pulls water downhill!) -- ponds & streams -- forces & energy -- sediments -- habitat -- carr -- shrub -- coniferous forest -- hemlock

After seeing the "natural sculpture" on the walk, are you wondering about the sphinx?
Search on your own, or take look at this link from book publisher DK: The Great Sphinx | Egypt Facts For Kids Think about this - you can see the result of erosion on both the sphinx in Egypt and the stream bed in my forest. The force of wind or moving water breaks down rocks, and moves the sediments (bits of rock and soil) to new places.

Here are a few books to bo…

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